Tima's Prom

Tima and Teresa Junior/Senior Prom

Jed and Tima

Grandpa Roper and Tima


Caleb misses his buddy!
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In order to appease the masses...

Rambo. Yes, he's hung low.
He'll be 7 in June.

Jessica and I at the Melting Pot.

Good times!

Some more good times...

Really good times.

School is done

Russ Graduated college, it is summer time and time to get a good job. Russ is selling granite again until he finds a great basketball coaching position and well, I am slowly but surely getting my degree done, I got my associate degree and I am 3 classes closer to getting my bachelors this summer. Leilani is 4 years old and beautiful and she knows it. She is very smart and as my mom put it, she is going to keep us on our toes, she is excited to move to Alpine for the summer and have swim lessons is July. Briana is walking great, she has two teeth coming through and she is saying more everyday, she gives the sign for more and she really brings our family joy. Life is fabulous with the Beck's, we will keep trudging on and accomplishing life one obstacle at a time.

Jake and Emily

So I guess we'll start! Yesterday was Jake's birthday! He is 27 now...and having a mid-life crisis, thinking he's old! He is doing great. Working a lot! He recently started a business with a friend, Paint Genies. It has been going very well and we are excited about it, and learning a lot! :) He plays basketball each week with his friends (which recently got him a metal plate in his left hand), and will be playing soccer some with friends this summer. (we have great friends!) He has started paint balling and loves it...despite coming home with "battle scars"! He is currently reading Jesus the Christ (he is usually reading something from the "church library"). He likes watching animal rescue and the comedy chanel. He wants a dog. i say "when we buy our own house".
I'm a stay home mom, and enjoying it more and more! Caleb and Grace are getting so fun!!! I think that i can make anything i see (which usually ends up flopping!) and am not attempting hair clips and bracelets for Grace. Its fun anyways! I hope to start a card company in the not too distant future and sell cards i make. I go to walmart a number of times each week. have to put that in if i'm updating on me! :) the only tv i watch right now is American idol and i am shocked that Melinda got voted off! who's doing the voting!?!? i was excited that the show would be ending so i wouldnt be watching tv anymore...and then heard So You Think You Can Dance will be starting soon!
Caleb is 25 months old now! He is so sweet and so smart! one of those "too smart for their own good" kids! :) Lets just say he knows how to work the system! :) But his sweetness makes everything ok again. He is talking up a storm now! While on vacation, he started throwing out sentences and is just on a roll now! It is so fun and really makes things so much easier bec we know what hes thinking. He does so many things like his dad. right now hes sitting beside me picking at his nails. definitely got that from his dad! hes a big time people watcher and picks up on things so quick. he loves just about everybody. he is so independent! too much sometimes! he is learning about Jesus and loves to point him out. and we love to hear him say His name :) Caleb is such a sweet big brother. it is very rare that we have to intervene with him interacting with Grace. He is never mean to her, and loves to give her hugs and kisses and lay with her while she is playing. He couldnt be any better! He has been listening much better over the last week... consistency is finally paying off as a parent! a great feeling!
Ashby Grace is getting so fun! she just turned 4 months. She has grown up so much, just over the past week! She is always smiling (well, almost always!) and laughing now. She has the most adorable laugh when she is tickled. While on vacation we switched her to formula and she is doing much better. Yeah! which also means i got to stop pumping bec i already have a freezer full of milk...double yeah! we got a remedy with my milk in it that will hopefully help her drink the milk i've pumped...but to be honest i just needed a little break before giving it a try! at her last dr visit she was over 15lb 10oz. BIG GIRL! which is funny bec caleb is such a little man! she is always trying to sit up now! wont be long! she moved to her own bed, but is still in our room. she is doing great, if you dont count last night from 10pm to 1 am! thank you jake! :) she rolls around, but not all the way from back to stomach yet. though i'm sure if i put her on the ground more she would in no time...maybe that will be our goal this week...more ground time. she loves her dad. adores him! she will just sit and stare at him and then as soon as he looks at her she just smiles so big, and they do this over and over! i love it! :)
Humm, any other updates? our anniversary is coming up in July. This has definately been the most rewarding year of our marriage. next anniversary is our 5 year and we are hoping to go to Italy.
well, thats all i can think of right now. now its your turn! especially you charity, you came up with this! :) Jessica and josh, steve and cindy...and yes, you too jed and tima. i dont know if ang can post, so if not maybe we can all just post when we know updates on her...but ang, if you can post feel free to fill us in here! we love to hear your happenings! :) (Top right, click New Post)
we love you guys! for more of us (if you havent had enough! ha!) hop to Growing Ropers

GRAND Kids :)

The grandkids got to hang out together this month! It was so much fun for all of us! What a blessed family we are!

for more pictures from the trip, visit Growing Ropers (just click the highlighted words)

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Blog Time!

Now that our family is spread throughout the country (and world!) we thought it time to start our FAMILY BLOG! Please join us in posting your family's goings-on!