Halloween 2007

Little Mermaid


hold still and candy in the mouth, lovely!!

Tima Great Job!!

ITALY August 2007

This is great...

"When we reflect with what care, and with what unremitting diligence our parents have striven to watch over us, and how many hours of sorrow and anxiety they have spent, over our cradles and bed-sides, in times of sickness, how careful we ought to be of their feelings in their old age! It cannot be a source of sweet reflection to us, to say or do anything that will bring their gray hairs down with sorrow to the grave."
Joseph Smith


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ok all...i know i am a true to the core blogger {most of the time}...and a bit over the top with blogging....
but please people...please post some pics of Italy for us to see your fun times!
Go on...make me jealous! :)

Angel, Baby??

Where is our "Angel Baby"???

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Goshen Pass

Watch out Tima and Josh...Jed is taking over as "favorite Uncle" :)
i havent been taking nearly enough pictures
{steep hikes+2kids+out of shape+backpacks=no space for camera}
but i was able to get some pics at the river the other day.
We have been having the best time with Jed out here!
Caleb is in Heaven, and Grace is learning new tricks from her Uncle.
Has two weeks ever gone by so fast?
We dont want you to leave, Jed!
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Goshen Pass

Where's Waldo?

Boys will be Boys
{and Ropers will be Ropers}

We had a Great day at Goshen Pass with Uncle Jed

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